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Every day, RMS consultants assist organisations of all sizes with their MarTech platforms - tools such as Marketo, and the related data and systems integration requirements.

We help build your MarTech strategy, then later build your stack for you, plumb them together, provide beautiful, hand crafted asset templates for your campaigns and installing Best Practice smarts into your configuration. Then we train everyone on how to use them and then execute the first few campaigns until you get into the rhythm of it all.

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Manage, monitor and measure your social media w/Oktopost and Marketo

Manage, monitor and measure with a social media management platform built specifically for B2B enterprises. If social media plays a large role (or you want it to) in your overall marketing strategy


Content translation & Localization Automation with Cloudwords

Tired of copying and pasting Japanese, Spanish, French, Chinese [etc] into your CMS/Marketing Automation platform? Stop the insanity now! Do you create content in your Marketo, Marketing Cloud, or


What comes first? The CRM or the Marketing Automation?

Having experience with over 275 MA systems, 200+ of which have a CRM involvement, I hear this question a lot – often in the situation when an organisation KNOWS they need Marketing Automation


Top things that a good CRM + Marketing Automation system should be doing for the sales team

If your CRM & MA setup isnt at least doing all of the below — and MORE – then call us.  Immediately. We get it, sometimes, the implementation goes awry – or the people doing


Founded in 1999, RMS has evolved into a full service digital marketing agency with a team of certified Marketo, and digital marketing technology experts. Internationally, we are part of Bluprint Global with offices in 6 countries and customers in 38.

We help plan and install these systems, plumb them together, providing beautiful, hand crafted asset templates for your campaigns and installing the Best Practices you need. Then we train your marketing AND sales team to use the systems and execute the first few campaigns until you get into the rhythm of it all.


Years of Experience

CRM Implementations

Marketing Automation Installations

LEAD/CONTACTS and counting...
  • “RMS’s unique blend of technical expertise, working on-site and amazing attention to detail and hassle-free consulting has given us a massive boost to kick off our Dynamics/Marketo journey ... There’s no organisation I’d recommend more than RMS to do this”
    Chris Halaguena
    Digital Marketing Specialist, Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia
  • RMS helped the Australian Cancer Research Foundation to understand what is possible with Marketo and Salesforce. For five years we had struggled with a system that we knew could do so much for our engagement, stewardship and fundraising – but we didn’t know how. We couldn’t have made this change without the RMS team.
    Rebecca Hines
    Communications Manager, Australian Cancer Research Foundation
  • With RMS, you feel like you’re working with a team that wants you to succeed. I don’t think I’ve ever worked with an implementation team in the past where I’ve walked away thinking that was just unreal.
    Ed Pullen
    Marketing Director, Plexus
  • “Few organisations are better equipped to service a Marketo and Salesforce installation than RMS. The depth of their knowledge is amazing, they always come back with a pragmatic answer to our suggestions, and they are flexible and fun to work with".
    Kazim Parkar
    Digital Operations Manager, Sony Australia & New Zealand
  • RMS was referred to me by our Marketo rep when we got into disaster recovery-mode with our and Marketo sync. RMS bent over backwards, went to the n'th degree in assistance and persevered through our panic. There is no organisation I would refer more highly for Salesforce/Marketo experience than RMS.
    Nicholas Abbott
    Sales & Operations Manager, Crown Group
  • RMS impressed me from day one with the quality of strategic advice, creative input and breadth of support for tactical execution.
    Lindsay Kiley
    Marketing Director, InterSystems Asia Pacific
  • RMS implemented our chosen Marketing Automation tool in an eight week period, training us up along the way in a mixture of classroom style workshops and through reliable and excellent on-the-spot campaign execution consulting.
    Kate Marshall
    Corporate Communications Manager, Ricoh Australia
  • If anyone is considering implementing a marketing automation or CRM platform, I would push them to use RMS. Just because I know how incredible they are.
    Ed Pullen
    Marketing Director, Plexus
  • Utterly brilliant .. passionate marketer .. astonishingly able to translate guruness into things from which all employees and senior management can obtain real benefit.
    Emma Heslop
    Head of Marketing, Enrizen
  • I would recommend the course to anyone who would like to get the initial confidence before hitting the ground. Our instructor was absolutley brilliant and he has got an in-depth understanding.
    Munia Mukherjee
    Digital Marketing & Automation, Ricoh Australia

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